"Something I learned about PREP is about Jesus and God. How we sinned and that He died on the cross for us. I really love PREP and I always can't wait till it's Wednesday."

--Anna, 5th grade

Volunteer with PREP4Kids

Volunteer to help in a released-time class by following the steps below.

  • you can download a volunteer application here (79kb PDF file).
  • you can e-mail us to send you an application in the mail.
  • you can download the monthly report form to send  to the PREP office to help us monitor how your class is going
  • you can spread the word about PREP4Kids by printing a promotion flyer and giving them to parents/kids in your neighborhood (PDF file).
  • If you notice that your child’s school does not have a PREP4Kids Bible Class, you can  request help to start one.


Once you fill out the application, send it to:

P.O. Box 12034
Portland, OR  97212-0034

The process takes only two to three weeks from the time we receive your application until you are approved to help.


If there is not one available, the PREP4Kids office staff will send you information on how to start a new class for your neighborhood school. Please call the office at 503-281-7764 or email us at prepoffice@gmail.com.