"PREP to me is about getting to know God more and His commands, [and for] other people to get to know Him. I have learned so many things in PREP. Like about Paul, Silas and a lot more. PREP has been so fun to me and I am definitely going to bring more people."

--Kevin, 6th

DSCN0835Permission slips for the 2017-18 school year are listed below.   Please download the appropriate slip for your child’s school, complete the form and turn it into your child’s school office.

Click on your child’s school to open a printable (PDF 725 Kb) parent permission slip. FYI: The file may take a while to load. If you have any problems downloading your permission slip, please call the office at: 503-281-7764. If you notice your school is not listed you can REQUEST HELP to start one. Thank you. Forma del permiso del padre aqui.

(We work with ANY Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas county school)


School District

Aloha Huber Elementary School Aloha
Archer Glen Elementary* Sherwood
Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School* Beaverton
Atkinson Elementary School* Portland
Banks Elementary* Banks
Beavercreek Elementary * Oregon City
Bilquist Elementary* Milwaukie
Boise Eliot Humbolt Elementary* Portand
Bridger Elementary Portland
Byrom Elementary * Tualatin
Candy Lane Elementary* Gladstone
Chehalem Elementary* Beaverton
Creston Elementary School* Portland Public Schools
Dilley Elementary* Forest Grove
Edy Ridge Elementary* Sherwood
Errol Hassell Elementary* Beaverton
Fir Grove Elementary* Beaverton
Gaffney Elementary* Oregon City
Gardiner M.S. Oregon City
Hazelbrook Middle School Tualatin
Holcomb Elementary* Oregon City
Home School Attend Any Current Class
Hopkins Elementary* Sherwood
Hosford Middle School* Portland Public
Jennings Lodge Elementary* Gladstone
John McLoughlin Elementary* Oregon City
John Wetten Elementary* Gladstone
Middleton Elementary* Sherwood
Oliver Elementary* Centennial
Parklane Elementary* Centennial
Sherwood Charter School* Sherwood
Tualatin Elementary* Tualatin
View Acres Elementary* North Clackamas
West Gresham Elementary* Gresham
Woodstock Elementary* Portand
Russian Translation General
Spanish Translation General