"I like PREP because I like reading stories in my Bible and signing songs and my teacher, and learning about Jesus and God. That's why I like PREP."

--Leslie, 3rd grade

How Can Parents Get Involved?

  • Enroll your child.
  • Join a parent prayer group for your school.
  • Tell other parents about Released-time.
  • Send a note to your public school thanking them for Released-time.
  • Be proactive within your public school.
  • Visit your child’s released-time class. Learn what we teach first hand.
  • Start a released-time class in your area.
  • Become a PREP4Kids volunteer.

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PREP4Kids is FREE! Call the PREP4Kids Office 503-281-7764 or E-mail us at prepoffice@prep4kids.org . We will send you a permission slip for your child’s school, or you can download the parent permission slip for your school here. Fill it out and return it to the school office.

The PREP Volunteers will take your child to the class on the day and time listed in the form. Students are returned to the school at the end of the class by the PREP volunteers. We welcome parents who want to attend their child’s PREP4Kids class. You may attend one time without prior notice. After the first visit, we ask that you go through our application/background check procedure like our other volunteers for the safety of the students and the volunteers.

If you are not a parent, but would like to visit a class, please call the PREP4Kids Office to make arrangements.

Have questions? Download the PREP4Kids “Frequently Asked Questions”.