No More Sinner’s Prayer?

Here’s a great article on the need to invite children to pray to receive Jesus as their Savior.  Take a look.

Parent’s Positive Feedback

The following is an email sent to the Tualatin PREP4Kids class Coordinator by a grateful Mom.

 “My son went to his first day of PREP on Tuesday. I have to tell you he absolutely loved it! As soon as he walked in the door he told me all about it. Then he recited his verse he was to memorize. Thank you so much for giving my son this opportunity. He is looking forward to coming every Tuesday from now on. Thank you again!”


Financial Update

We want to be faithful in keeping you up-to-date on our finances.  God continues to look after the PREP ministry and for that we are very grateful.  After all, this is His ministry and He knows our needs.  We are still short about $1500 per month.  Would you consider investing in the PREP ministry on a monthly basis over the next year?  You will receive the blessing and it will allow for more children in the public schools to hear the most amazing news in all of the universe—the Gospel!

  “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”   Matthew 19:26


God Brings Change to the PREP4Kids Office Staff

Diane Sievers, after 25 years of faithful service with PREP4Kids through volunteering, being Executive Director, and more recently as Development Director, has officially stepped down at 80 years old from working in the office. She plans to come in now and then to volunteer her time and help where she is needed. PREP4Kids will always be close to her heart, but a close second is spending time with her daughter and grandson in Seattle, which she will have more time with now.

Suzie Davis, who has been our office manager for almost 8 years, will be leaving by June 1st. She wants to have more time to support her daughter by babysitting her 3 grandkids, more time to mentor college age women who meet in her home monthly, as well as have more time for ministry with meals on wheels.

Joanie Militich, will be joining our office staff on April 1st. It all transpired when we mentioned the need to hire “two part time staff” in our last newsletter to go into the schools and churches to help us start new classes.  Joanie contacted us about the need.  About the same time Diane Sievers voiced her desire to step down as Development Director.  Judy met with Joanie to discuss the possibility of her joining our team as a bridge to churches and schools.  The board met with Joanie and after prayer and discussion they moved to hire her as an Area Director, beginning April 1st.  We have  asked her to share at the upcoming Spring Celebration Brunch on Saturday, May 16.  Please join us on that morning to get to know Joanie.


NOTE:  If you are interested in having Joanie share the PREP vision at your church, please contact the PREP office.