"Something I learned about PREP is about Jesus and God. How we sinned and that He died on the cross for us. I really love PREP and I always can't wait till it's Wednesday."

--Anna, 5th grade

What We Teach:

Our approach systematically follows God’s progressive pattern of revealing His character and His plan of redemption within the context of history. Using a five-year cycle, the lessons begin in Genesis and progress through the early church, highlighting key themes. We do not allow any teaching specific to a particular denomination.

  • Year One: Genesis (Creation, Patriarchs through Joseph) 2013-2014
  • Year Two: Moses through David 2014-2015
  • Year Three: Kings and Prophets 2015-2016
  • Year Four: The Life of Christ 2016-2017
  • Year Five: The New Testament Church (Acts) 2017-2018

The curriculum is provided by the PREP Office. Contact us for more specific information on our materials.